INCoDe.2030 participates in the workshop “One year of collaboration and the way forward”

INCoDe.2030 was present, as the coordinating entity of the Portuguese Coalition for Digital Employability, in the workshop “One Year of Collaboration and the Way Forward”, promoted by the European Platform Digital Skills and Jobs, which took place on 6 and 7 of July in Brussels.

This initiative aimed to promote the exchange of experiences and sharing of good practices between the National Coalitions of the European Union Member States that have been contributing to the development of the Platform, as well as establishing future priorities.

Emerging topics related to digital skills were discussed, such as: how to improve advanced digital skills, gender equality in ICT, ICT careers for young people, how to foster digital empowerment in companies, or national strategic plans.

Together we are shaping Europe’s digital future through common goals:

– Making digital inclusion a priority and making the (digital) skills of the future accessible to all.

– Putting initiatives that focus on skills, reskilling and upskilling in the spotlight.