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Ensure conditions are in place for the production of new knowledge and active participation in international R&D networks and programmes.

The initiative to plan the development of digital competences up to 2030 aims to contribute to the advancement of science and digital technologies. The resilience of our society and the competitiveness of our economy need to be strengthened through a virtuous cycle, which not only requires a strong involvement from society in the production of new knowledge but also the translation of this knowledge into societal and economic benefits.

Thus, Portugal must strengthen its participation in scientific production in all areas of knowledge, but especially in areas involving advanced digital competences; such as handling and analysing big data, computational biology and bioinformatics, photonics, advanced computing in general, cognitive computing and automatic learning, cybersecurity, and cyber-physical systems. In this context, it is important to promote scientific activity in four major key areas:

Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (ACI) - including all advanced scientific computing fields.

Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF) - including quantum computing, among other areas of R&D.

Computer and Network Systems (CNS) - including big data, cloud computing, and IoT, among others.

Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS) - including artificial intelligence, as well as human-centred computing in relation to digital media.

In this context, it should be clear that promoting new competences in these areas can and should facilitate knowledge of social and cultural phenomena, among others, by mobilising data processing in an effective way in all areas of knowledge, health, culture, and the study of social processes.

It is important to work towards widespread access to scientific information and create conditions for cooperation between laboratories based on an advanced scientific computing network; as well as promote international collaboration, especially by maintaining programmes that are carried out with US universities and extending these programmes to other universities and to other countries.