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Ensure that the whole population has equal access to digital technologies to obtain information, communicate, and interact with others.

In view of the increasing digitalisation of the world today - from education to industry, from entertainment to social life, from cities to farms, from medicine to the environment - it is essential that the people of Portugal have the competences and the means to use digital technologies.

However, in order to achieve this, there are numerous obstacles and limitations to overcome for many citizens, namely those who have already left formal education and are not exposed to vocational training.

Thus, to ensure a level of fairness and social cohesion that will lead to balanced and sustainable development, it is essential to raise the population’s awareness about the importance of digital competences, specifically by creating resources and content centres and user training campaigns. This must be done while ensuring territorial cohesion, taking into account the need to reinforce the use of broadband services. In order to achieve these objectives, it is critical to strengthen gender equality in terms of access to and development of digital competences; as well as promote regional approaches, bridging the inequality that still exists in Portugal.